Frequently Asked Questions

Before sending me an email.Please do the following as it solved 70% of the problems
  • Check if you can update the app When the website loads click on "Open app"
  • Reboot your watch (press & hold back buttons for 10 seconds)
  • Reboot your phone

Currently developers cannot make their apps available for the Fitbit Sense 2 and Versa 4. Google bought Fitbit and their vision is that Fitbit's are Fitness trackers and not smartwatches. Therefore they don't want to allow developers to make apps for the Sense 2 and Versa 4. I'm not sure if this will change in the future.

Please stand outside with a clear view of the sky. The very first GPS fix can take minutes since Fitbit has to know where it is in order to know which satellites to check for. more tips on

All devices, especially the Ionic

Many users report that reinstalling the app solved the issue. Other users report that Factory reset the watch and remove it from your Fitbit account works.

Versa 1, Versa Lite and Versa 2

These devices don't have an inbuilt GPS and therefore a constant connection with the phone must be present. You will actually get the distances from your phone to the green instead of your wrist. Keep your phone near or in your pocket.If you walk away too far from your phone, the GPS update stops.

Make sure the Fitbit app on your phone configured with these settings:
  • Allow Always access to location
  • Allow to run in background
  • No battery optimization is performed on the Fitbit app as it can kill the app processes.

If GPS, PHONE & WWW turned green and the loadings takes too long then probably your watch message queue is full. Reboot your watch and phone to clear the queue

  • Reboot your watch (press & hold back button for 10 seconds)
  • Reboot your phone
  • Check if you can update the app When the website loads click on "Open app"
Some users report that the only solution was to remove the fitbit from your account and then add it again. Sometimes that doesn't work as well and then you need to factory reset your Fitbit.

When the app starts it tries to contact my server. If this succeeds then the WWW turns green. For a working internet connection you need to have a stable Bluetooth connection to your phone and that phone needs access to the internet.
The phone connection is often closed by the phone to reduce battery impact. So when your app starts, open the Fitbit app on your phone. In that way the phone app us running and can receive commands from the watch and it can access my server

Things to check
  • Allow the Fitbit watch app to access internet
  • Allow the Fitbit app to run in background on your phone
  • Allow the Fitbit app to access mobile data
  • No battery optimization is performed on the Fitbit app as it can kill the app processes.

After reinstalling the app, you will be seen as a new user. You can unlock the app for free

  • Click on "Purchase now" in the watch app and you should see a code
  • Go to and enter the code together with the email adress that you used with your previous purchase.
  • After a few seconds, the watch should say "Thank you". The license is downloaded, the "purchase now" button is now gone

The app used to be free until september 2020. So If you used the app fore that, you actually didn't pay.

After each new install you have to register your device. Your code can be found under "Scores & Shots" or in the settings page of the app on your phone.

Another method is to start the app on your watch, wait until the WWW goes green, then on your phone navigate to the registration page. If you are already on the registration page, just refresh the page. You can also use another device to refresh the page on as long as it is in the same WiFi network.

First of all, check if your course exist in the course database If it really does not exists, please fill in the form below. Please specify the Name of the course, the address, number of holes.

The app uploads your scores and shots inmediately after entering them. The files are sent to the phone and then uploaded to my database. If there is no phone connection, the files will be sent when the phone connection is restored. If there is no internet, I try to upload them again on each new shot/score or when the app starts.

Also, when you reinstalled the app, the scores are uploaded under a new user account. Once your license is download again to your watch, the scores will be uploaded and shown in your own user account.

You can download the app by visiting this page using your mobile phone that is connected to your watch.
  1. Open the fitbit app on your phone
  2. Go to Account
  3. Click on your watch
  4. click "Apps"
  5. click "All Apps"
  6. click "Search Icon"
  7. Type "Golf gps"
  8. Click on on my
  9. click "Install"
If the Install button is disabled (greyed out), then you need to update the Fitbit phone app from the Google Play Store or Apple App store. After updating, make sure that your watch has the latest firmware.

When you can't update the firmware of the watch, you probably missed too many updates already. The only method to fix this is by factory reset the watch and add it again to your fitbit app. Data won't be lost but you do have to reinstall all downloaded apps and watch faces.

On Fitbit only the last 5 downloaded courses are stored in the memory. Number 6 is deleted automatically. If there you downloaded a course, the "Stored courses" button will become visible. If you would click "Find new course" it will added to the stored courses and if it already existed, it will overwrite the existing one in the memory.

if your question was not listed, send us an email. Mails with questions that are in this FAQ may not be replied.