About Golf4Watch


Welcome to Golf4Watch, where our devotion to golf and the forefront of technology form the perfect pair. Our roots trace back to 2013, inspired by the debut of the first smartwatch, Pebble. As a fervent golfer since the age of 10 and a programmer from 15, I found the early golf apps on BlackBerry insufficient. The Pebble smartwatch's arrival spurred me to create the pioneering Golf GPS app for smartwatches, an open-source innovation that empowered golfers to tailor their experience on the course.

With the evolution of smartwatches, our app evolved from its open-source origins to a comprehensive, community-driven platform. Pieter, our Dutch developer, has been instrumental in this journey, harnessing the power of a global community. Golfers worldwide contribute to our course maps, offering updates and ensuring our content's precision and local relevance. This community spirit is a cornerstone of Golf4Watch, reflecting our commitment to collective improvement and unique value.

When Fitbit acquired Pebble in 2016, we seamlessly transitioned the Golf GPS app to the Fitbit Ionic, expanding our audience. The app's popularity soared, and by September 2020, we embraced a paid model to sustain and grow our offerings, extending our services to include Samsung (Tizen OS), Google Wear OS, and Apple Watch.

Our path took a new direction as Google's acquisition of Fitbit introduced fresh challenges, focusing our efforts on the Apple Watch to harness its capabilities for an unmatched golfing experience. Our dedication to innovation is personal. As someone balancing the demands of a family life with three children, I value efficiency and the pleasure of golf. I maintain a handicap of 14, symbolizing the harmony between my love for golf and my pledge to technological advancement.

The future of Golf4Watch is dynamic, with continuous development aligning with the latest smartwatch features and the collective needs of golfers globally. Join us, where Pieter and golfers from all over the world collaborate to refine your game, and where your passion for golf meets the pinnacle of smartwatch technology.

The first app on the Pebble Watch.